Tiles Strips Flip & Tiles Strip Swings

These each are 4 new (8 total) transitions for ProShow Producer 5+. There are 4 variations of horizontal strips and 4 variations of vertical strips of the screen that swing or flip to reveal the next slide. This last two sets in the Tile Flip series, transition the current slide into a kaleidoscopic screen that breaks into strips that reveal a kaleidoscopic version of the next slide. That display moves toward to viewer until only there is only a single kaleidoscopic screen tile.

(Note: if you’re a Firefox user … I’ve noticed lately that FF’s latest iterations aren’t playing the embedded videos reliably (I get a black screen!). Apparently the problem might be a flash player later than v10.3. Please view them directly on the YouTube side by clicking on the “YouTube” button in the lower right to watch them directly on YouTube.]

Tiles Strips Flip

Tiles Strip Swings


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