Carousels V; Styles for ProShow Producer 5+

Carousels V includes 3 different carousel effects (in 6 styles). Each carousel can use either portrait or landscape images, or a mix of each. The FlipRight and FlipStay effects are 3 Image Carousels while Lazy Susan 2 is a 4 image carousel. The FlipRight and FlipStay Effects provide for a quick and easy way to increase the default size of the image at screen center. FlipRight+ extends the FlipRight effect by 1 image at a time. The Lazy Susan 2 style, usable in either Producer v4 or v5+ allows the horizontal tilt to be turned off (to make it look like the original Lazy Susan rotation). Also, the rotation direction can be reversed (it’s like having 2 styles in one!). Included are two styles that extends Lazy Susan 2 by either 1 (1 rotation) or 3 images (two rotations).


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