What’s New …

What’s New at FPVP!

The website section on FenimorePhotoVideos.com for the ProShow styles and effects was revised to make it easier to maintain and navigate. Gone are the long pages of styles and transitions. The pages should load much faster and should also be easier to read.

A set of 3 horizontal carousel styles, Hang Line, were released at the end of May. They are infinitely extensible and come with cords (or the line from which the images hang) that are usable with all 3 Hang Line styles. There are 3 different flavors: 1 full image per screen, 2 full images per screen, and 3 full images per screen. The images are rotatable and can be made to look like they are swinging in the wind. The direction that they travel across the screen is reversible. The user can substitute different graphics for the cords and / or graphic that attaches the  images to the line (or something off-screen).

New transitions, Fold and Accordion, were released at the beginning of June. These provide an interesting and unique way to transition between slides.

At the end of June, the style collection called Carousels V was released. It contains 4 different carousels: 3 Image FlipRight, 3 Image FlipStay, 5 (co)Talls, and Lazy Susan 2. All are extensible carousels except for 3 Image FlipStay. Lazy Susan 2 has two different extender styles. One extends it by 1 image and the other extends it by 3 images. The other two extender styles add a single image per slide. Lazy Susan 2 was updated to include a more 3D-like appearance, better borders and framing, and has a reversible rotation direction.  5 (co)Talls can use or not use 5 images that can be displayed next to the main Carousel image. This is great for graduation, memorial, birthday, or retirement shows at a minimum. For instance, in some High School graduation shows, you might show the baby picture of the graduate alongside a current picture. Two captions are provided for each image or image set. But, if there’s nothing to say, turn the caption off! There are 16 variations of the effect built into the style!


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