Grid Grid Pro, Style for ProShow Producer 4x

I’m not sure what prompted this effect but, it was based on a freebie effect I’d created called The Grid Grid. Anyway, I looked at that freebie one day and wondered if I might improve upon it. The result was a set of 3 Grid-Based Carousel effects.

Extensors. Then, extending the carousels to include new images was, I thought, a worthy consideration. So, I provided 3 styles, one for each grid carousel, that transitions each carousel existing carousel image with a new image. Next, why not create a way to transition between each grid carousel? That is, go from a 3×3 carousel to a 3×2 carousel. That led to 6 more styles. Finally, I thought that each of those extensor styles should let you use them as styles in their own right, if you wanted them to. That is, to display the images without any consideration of using them as an extension to any grid-based carousel. So, these 9 styles became dual use styles: as an extensor for extending a grid carousel or as an ordinary style for showing off your images. The result: more flexibility in displaying your images and more bang for the buck (that is, for those not familiar with the phrase: you get more for what you pay for).

There are 12 different Styles for 4:3 (Standard TV) and 16:9 (Widescreen) shows. The effect is designed for use with 3:2 images. However, you can adjust the size of images of other aspects to fit accordingly.



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