Carousels V

Carousels V is a set of 8 styles for 4 different carousels, three of which are extensible.

Three years ago I created a style I called Lazy Susan, an extensible 4 image carousel that used portrait and landscape images in the same carousel. Lazy Susan 2 is a complete revision that improves upon the original by, among other things, adding the tilt feature to give a more 3D-like appearance while rotating the next image into view (while still retaining backwards compatibility to Producer v4), better image border/framing, and the rotation direction is now reversible. The update also made some name changes to the extender styles to make them more descriptive. The extender styles extend Lazy Susan 2 +1 (formerly Lazy Susan 2 Simple) extends the carousel by 1 image or while Lazy Susan 2 +3 (formerly Lazy Susan 3 Add) extends it by 3 images per slide.

I also created two other interesting carousel styles that use 2:3 aspect portrait images. 3 Image FlipStay flips through the 3 images in-place. 3 Image FlipRight is an extensible carousel designed for 2:3 portrait images, but accepts mixed image aspects. The images in this carousel flip while rotating into their next position. 3 Image FlipRight+ extends the carousel by 1 image per slide.

The last carousel, 5 (co)Talls is a 5-Image carousel that can display an extra 5 images next to each carousel image. They display over the carousel images queue. This variation is useful for displaying two different images in graduation, retirement, memorial, or birthday shows (for instance, a younger picture alongside one of the same guy today). Turn the display of the co-images off if you don’t want to use them. The side on which the images and captions are displayed is switchable. The style provides for 2 captions per image set (a carousel image with co-image or just a carousel image). Don’t need all 5 sets of captions? Turn off the caption(s) not needed (the caption box disappears too if both associated captions are turned off). The style accepts portrait images in the 2:3 and/or 3:4 aspect images. The extender style, 5 (co)Talls+, adds an image at a time to the carousel. Up to 16 variations are built into this single style.

So, take a look and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Carousels V

  1. E. John Byron.

    Morning Dale ! Dale all your work is good ! you show great patience and creativity. Now having said that,, I now have Seventeen Hundred Styles and Five Hundred plus Transitions installed! these include a fair amount from you, but now find that I use only a chosen few ! so I have resisted purchasing from all parties during this last year to Eighteen Months. I look at all that come across my screen, i.e. Annita – Mona – Photodex- Etc and am in awe of the talents that are required to produce such work.
    Thanks again for the contact.
    Kind Regards
    E.John Byron Melbourne Australia.

    1. Im42n8 Post author

      A typical show should have effects that show off that show off your images to the best effect. Too many effects in a show is distracting… and that includes both transitions and styles. The effect should not distract from the images … unless of course, you’re doing something like advertising (which cares little to nothing about content and cares a lot about the effect itself). Having a variety of different effects to account for whatever you might do in a show to present your material is great! Sounds like you’ve got great deal of material to chose from, for just about any theme you might chose for your next show. I too use only a few effects in my shows. Too much of a good thing is not good. But, it’s nice to have a selection to choose from!

      Yeah, creating some of these effects is not as simple as it might look. With the introduction of styles and transitions by Photodex, I don’t think too many people are as interested in figuring out how ProShow does its magic as they used to. But, there are a few of us who seem to think of it as a kind of challenge still, to figure out how to wring out some effects that people will find useful. As such, there’s a deep understanding of the program that comes out of that work. If nothing else, I hope that maybe some folk will feel challenged enough to figure out how I created an effect. I know that people will quickly gain an appreciation of it when they try to create some of those effects!

      Thanks for your past business John! Keep me in mind when you again decide you need a particular useful effect. Thanx for your comment too! It’s nice to know that people appreciate one’s work.



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