Tutorial: Sliding Panels

Not too long ago, I created a set of transitions (Miscellaneous 4) that had segments of a tilted image move while maintaining the perspective effect that the tilt gave them. So, as they moved away from the rotation center or toward it, they would change in size accordingly. It involves changing the rotation center as the layer moves. This is the first tutorial in a planned set. This forms the basis for the others. However, even by itself, it contains information on how to do things that you probably didn’t know could be done. The other tutorials will come along as soon as I find the time to get to them.

This has NOT been a good year so far … family emergencies have really made this a year not long to be forgotten. So, time has been very limited. Then, on top of that, this is a hectic time of the year as we here in the State’s reconcile our tax liabilities with our Government … and I’m one of those who helps other’s prepare their tax returns. Busy busy.

You can find the “Sliding Panels Part 1 (The Basics) tutorial on my website here or my blog here, or on YouTube here.




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