Tutorial: Pan Following, Parts 4a and 4b “Follow Me”

This is another tutorial in the Pan Following series. People want to know how to get a series of images to travel across the screen, one after the other, so that they look like they are all in “lock-step” with each other. There are many requests for how to do this effect.

So, I delved into that topic with this set of tutorials. I have provided a manual (non-modifier-based) method of accomplishing the effect and two different modifier-based techniques. The manual method and the first modifier-based method use a static background. The second modifier-based method covers how to get these multiple images to follow a background layer. Part 4a is just over 10 minutes long and Part 4b is over 12 minutes long. You should find the tutorials fairly in-depth in explaining why the effect works like it does.



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