TUTORIAL: Advanced Outlines and Shadows in ProShow Producer

I recently wrote an article about creating layer outlines in ProShow. Photodex published a synopisis of it: http://www.slideshowblog.com/2013/09/using-layer-outlines-in-proshow-5/. YOu can find the full article here (Photodex thought the consideration of manually created outlines was way too advanced).

The impetus for the article was actually to deal with ProShow’s woefully inadequate outline function. What we are left with is manually creating our own outlines. I added the shadow tutorial (listed below) to deal with the ProShow’s inadequate native shadow function, even in Producer (where you might expect more control).

I followed the Layer Outlines article with a video tutorial dealing with an introduction to outlines. That was followed by another video tutorial dealing with an introduction to shadows.

The following video tutorial, however, deals with the combination of manually created outlines and manually created shadows to create more sophisticated looking “frames” for your images. I go from the very simple to the more complex by combining a number of simple techniques the tutorial introduces.



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