Images Hang Line — 3 Clothesline ProShow Producer v5+ Styles

Not long ago, someone at the ProShow Enthusiasts forum asked how to extend the Photodex Picture Line style to display more images. I do not have Photodex’s effect. However, its design made the obvious recommendations impossible. The images moved across the screen in time with a graphic that had holes in it through which the images peaked through. That made changes difficult. It meant that without the necessary number of images for the provided 5-image or 10-image effect, empty images holes were the result. Anyway, before I knew what the design limitations were I started working on my own version of the effect to see what the issues might be. After I discovered the design limitations of the original effect, I decided to finish work on my version. This is the result.

While the Photodex version is useable in Gold, this one is not. Further, these are only for 16:9 aspect shows. These effects are infinitely extensible: make each hang line effect as long as you need. There is a lot of flexibility included in these 3 effects.

The Images Hang Line 1’s version uses 2 images; extensions are added an image at a time.
The Images Hang Line 2’s version lets you use from 2 to 8 images; extensions are added using between 1 and 6 new images at a time.
The Images Hang Line 3’s version uses from 3 to 8 images; extensions are added using between 1 and 5 new images at a time.

In the case of Images Hang Line 2’s and 3’s,  just a couple of quick settings changes adjusts the number of displayed image from the default 8 images. In each case, the simple setting changes also let you add additional slides seamlessly. The direction of travel across the screen is user selectable: to the left or to the right.

Use portrait or landscape images. Give each image a descriptive caption. Want to adjust the tilt-horizontal, tilt-vertical, or rotation of the image? Do it for any image. In fact, a few simple adjustments can make the images appear to swing in the wind! If the default hang lines or image holders are not working for you, swap them for another.  Provided with these effects are 11 different hang lines, 10 short image holders, and 7 tall image holders.

Images Hang Line 1’s Demo

Images Hang Line 2’s and 3’s Demo

Find it here:


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