Slivers (Transitions as Styles)

I was going to create these effects as transitions with a specific graphic. But, then I thought that it might be nice if the user could change the graphic in the effect’s slivers. So, the effects in this bundle (with a few exceptions, which I will deal with later) are created as if they were a transition, but are saved as a style. That is, the effect is in a slide between the initial and next slides. The transition slide will have a copy of the image from the initial and next slides. The effect will begin and end with the transition slide. If you want to transition between more complex slides (that is, ones with multiple images) you can convert the transition slide to a transition as desired.

I’ve provided two styles that contain 20 gradients and 12 graphics, respectfully, that can be used as replacements for the default sliver skin (which is gradient number 1). That is, the provided gradients and graphics provide a starting point for changing the default look of each transition’s slivers. Mix gradients with graphics and/or images for a more sophisticated or interesting look. Further, you can change the hue (it’s easy) of all of the slivers (using a reference control layer) to give a slightly different look to your effect.

So, these effects provide you plenty of flexibility in how your transition looks. It’s a new way of treating styles and they provide you with unprecedented flexibility in their use. But, you are also provided with two sliver transitions that transition from the previous to the next slide directly. Enjoy.

What’s Provided: 8 Styles of transition effects, 2 bonus transitions, and 2 styles containing starter replacement graphics and gradients.

The Demo

A quick intro to Slivers


1 thought on “Slivers (Transitions as Styles)

  1. CathyC

    Hi Dale,

    I have managed to find the demo for “slivers” but can’t find the styles on your web site for sale.

    Did I miss something? If so, can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you always for the work you do to make my play easier.

    Enjoy all,



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