Tiles Flip, ProShow Producer 5+ Transitions

I’ve been playing around with copies of an image that, when properly arranged give an interesting visual presentation. These two transition bundles present 4 transitions each which make use of this visual presentation of your image(s).

As the current slide moves away from the viewer (into the screen) a wonderful visual presentation is created. Upon stopping, the entire screen then flips on one edge to the left (or right, up, or down). The effect is similar to my Slides transitions (Originally created as Styles long before the version released by Photodex’s Facet Push Left/Right/Up/Down). As the flip proceeds, the next slide is revealed.

Tiles Flip reveals the slide as is while Tiles Flip to 1 reveals a display of the next slide that has been retreated into the screen. Upon being revealed, the displayed image changes size until only one copy of the next slide is revealed.

Tiles Flip

Tiles Flip to 1

Updated video: 121030-0915

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